Matt Harvey Quickly Becoming an Enigma for NY Mets

NY Mets pitcher Matt Harvey has some explaining to do about missing a mandatory team workout yesterday.

NY Mets pitcher Matt Harvey has some explaining to do about missing a mandatory team workout yesterday.

By Mike Moosbrugger

New York Met pitcher Matt Harvey and the New York Mets management are being less than truthful about the events that occurred on Tuesday. These are the facts as I know them to be in the latest round of controversy surrounding Met pitcher Matt Harvey. We know there was a mandatory team workout from 12-2pm at Citi Field as the team prepares for the start of their NLDS vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers on Friday. We know that Harvey missed the entire workout. We know that Harvey arrived at about 2pm when the workout ended. After those three facts we don’t know much at all. In fact all of the quotes from the main characters involved in this saga, Manager Terry Collins, Pitching Coach Dan Warthen and Matt Harvey leave me with one question. What did you know and when did you know it?

One of the quotes from Harvey was “I screwed up. I was doing some things and the next thing I knew I looked up and it was 1 o’clock”. Terry Collins told the NY Post that pitching coach Dan Warthen received a call from Harvey at 11:45am indicating that Harvey was “stuck in tunnel traffic”. Right there the story falls apart. If you are “doing some things” that would lead me to think you are doing something other than trying to get to work. Then suddenly at 1pm you realized you are supposed to be at work and you drive to work. Harvey lives in the east village in Manhattan and would presumably take the Midtown Tunnel to Citi Field. An hour is plenty of time at that time of day, if he hit traffic he would arrive around 2 pm as reported. Did Harvey know at 11:45 that he was going to be late or did he know at 1pm that he was going to be late? If Harvey was truly in the Midtown Tunnel at 11:45am and called Warthen to say he was in tunnel traffic then why did it take another 2 hours and 15 minutes to arrive at the ballpark? Are you wondering the same thing that I am? Published reports from a Metropolitan Transit Authority spokesperson stated that there was a spike of 15% in traffic yesterday at the time in question as compared to the previous Tuesday. That does not sound like a 2 hour delay to me. I have been driving in and around Manhattan every day for 30 years. I know a traffic jam when I see one. In fact I was driving into Manhattan at the time in question on the Long Island Expressway and did not hear on the radio or see anything unusual in the traffic flow.

This story should not be a big deal. It happens occasionally. However, it is a big deal when you are Matt Harvey. The fact that he was seen with friends at a Manhattan restaurant on Monday night would not normally be a big deal as well. Unless you are Matt Harvey and you miss the next day at work. Maybe Harvey should have had his agent Scott Boras call the Mets and tell them what time Harvey would arrive at the ballpark and why he could not be on time. The Mets know that the story and the timeline do not add up. The goal was to bury this incident quickly and move on. Like in many incidents in the past the cover up can be worse than the crime. Matt Harvey is quickly becoming a player that it seems will always be in the middle of some kind of issue. He is not a good pitcher, he is a great one so he will be afforded some latitude by the Mets as most star players are. However, I think it is time for Matt Harvey to grow up a little. If he does not pitch well in Game 3 at Citi Field I suspect he will hear some boos as he exits the mound. Hopefully he will arrive at the game on time that day.


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