Collins Not Worried That Six of Seven Teams to Sweep LCS Lost World Series

By: Paul DiSclafani

terry collins 2

What, me worry?

That seems to be the demeanor of Mets manager Terry Collins when presented with a fairly fatalistic statistic by the Elias Sports Bureau. Six of the seven teams to sweep the League Championship Series went on to lose in the World Series.

Want some more bad news? Three of those teams; Detroit (2012), Colorado (2007) and Oakland (1990) got swept themselves in the Series.  And the Tigers have had it happen to them twice.  They swept the ALCS in both 2012 and 2006, only to lose the Series both times with Jim Leyland as their manager.  Know who Leyland’s bullpen coach was when he was in Pittsburgh?  Terry Collins.

Collins was asked if he tried to seek advice from Leyland regarding preparing his team for the big layoff between their sweep of the Cubs on Tuesday and the beginning of the World Series the following Tuesday. “The general response I got: There’s nothing you can do about it, no matter how hard you try — pipe in loud noise, try to have simulated games,” Collins said. “Jim told me one time they brought in their instructional league team to play them. And they said guys go through the motions. … You can’t simulate a game. You can’t simulate 46,000 people in here, the flag-waving, the pressure of 3-2 with the bases loaded. He said, ‘Go about your job and make sure they’re prepared.’ And that’s all you can do.”

So Collins and the Mets went about their jobs with an optional workout today and will have mandatory workouts on Saturday and Sunday before flying to the AL Champion’s town later Sunday evening. A couple of the injured or tired Mets didn’t work out today like David Wright and Yoenis Cespedes.  Matt Harvey, Daniel Murphy and Curtis Granderson also did not participate.

“There’s some guys who are tired, and I want them to have rest,” Collins said about making Friday’s workout optional. “And then I told them Saturday or Sunday we’re getting after it.”

Cespedes took a cortisone shot in his injured left shoulder on Thursday, but says he will be ready to go when the bell rings on Tuesday.  Are there any good golf courses in Kansas City or Toronto?


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