You Mean I Can Make $25 G’s For My World Series Tickets?

By: Paul DiSclafani

WS Tickets 2First Things first:  I am going to the World Series.  My kids are going to the World Series with me.  My friends and family are going to the World Series with me.

But $25 Grand for my 18 tickets?  How do I not even consider that amount of scratch?

Most people reading this are sports fans, fanatics, if you will, just like me.  The casual sports fans looks at this conundrum and can really consider the alternatives.  The non-sports fan, like my wife, thinks that I am insane.  Am I?

As an investigative reporter, I poo-poo’d the newspaper articles showing tickets going for $10,000 and that the “average” price on Stubhub was $1,200.  I did my own research.  Surely tickets, MY tickets in section 529, were not going for $1,200, were they?  They are face value of “just” $160.  When I checked for Game 3, I found that my section, my row in fact, were “only” going for $995.  Sheesh…

It gets worse.  My section, my row got Game 4?  $1,500.  And for Game 5?  My section, three rows behind me, $2,000.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you do the math.  That’s over $25,000 ($26,970 to be exact).

Am I nuts?  Are other people nuts?  Will people actually pay that much for tickets, specifically my tickets?  I could fly first class to Kansas City and attend the first two games there for about $2,000.  What is wrong with me?

I’m a Mets fan, I guess.

Only a real sports fan understands what it would be like to attend a World Series game that your team is participating in.  You have spent thousands of your hard-earned dollars going to Mets games year after year, only to sit home and watch the World Series with two other teams.

In 1986, I was working on Roosevelt Island in New York and had to commute to and from work by car every day to Long Island.  My route always brought me past Shea Stadium.  The day of World Series Game 7, a die-hard Yankee fan friend of mine called me to tell me he had scored a ticket to Game 7.  I was flabbergasted.  I told him, “How can you go to Game 7 with the Mets playing the Red Sox?  You’re a Yankee fan!  I should be going to Game 7.”  He simply said, “If you had a chance to go to a World Series Game 7 at Yankee Stadium, wouldn’t you go?”  Of course, he was right.  It was the World Series after all, and it was a Game 7.

I remember driving past Shea that night, cursing to no one but myself in the car, that I should be there.  I should be at the World Series.  But alas, without tickets, I wasn’t going.  Don’t know how much of my 1986 paycheck I would have paid to go that night, but I wanted to have the opportunity.

And the Baseball Gods smiled on me that night when a friend called me to say his sister had taken sick and was unable to go to the Game 7 with him, and I got the opportunity of a life-time.  Not only a Mets World Series game, it was a Game 7.  Turned out to be one of only two games in franchise history that gave the fans the ultimate present – a World Championship celebration right in front of their eyes.

And during the celebration after Jessie Orosco made the final out, I thought of my father and how I wished I could have shared this moment with him.  I was able to do that many years later with a cell phone the night that Mike Hampton sent us to the World Series against the Yankees (ugh), but it wasn’t a World Series.

Most fathers are responsible for introducing their children to baseball and mine was no different.  Maybe, in a way, he cursed me with being such a fanatic.  Unfortunately, I believe I have passed that curse down to my children.  In 2013, I spent a ton of money on three strips of tickets to the All-Star Game for myself and my boys.  It was a once in a life-time experience that we got to cherish together.  Talk about priceless.

I’m almost 60 now, and I guess as I grow older and they grow older and have families of their own someday, we will still always have baseball.

If I was on the other side and had a chance to buy tickets to a World Series for all of us, I might spring for the extra cash and get it done.  As a Mets fan, we all know too well that this opportunity doesn’t come along too often.

But $25 Grand?  It’s not like we can’t all get together and watch it on a big screen TV with beer and hot dogs along with friends and family, right?  The three games are on the weekend anyway, we can make a big party out of it!

I can’t tell you what I had for breakfast yesterday, but 29 years ago I went to my one and only World Series and I remember every detail, every nuance, every up and down of that game, including the exultation at the end.  I only hope that 29 years from now, my kids will have those same memories, only this time I will be at their side.

I am going to the World Series.  My kids are going to the World Series with me.  My friends and family are going to the World Series with me.  But my wife might divorce me…

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