“He Just Won’t Pitch Tomorrow”

By Paul DiSclafani

matt harvey 100615Take a deep breath, Mets fans. Let’s not lose our minds – yet.

General Manager Sandy Alderson told reporters that Matt Harvey has “A non-baseball medical issue that we have to address. It came up this morning and as far as I know, there will be some follow-up tests and consultation that will take place over the next couple of days.  He just won’t pitch tomorrow.”

When asked about how concerned the Mets are regarding the injury, Alderson added, “I think it’s a little early to attach any level of concern.  I  think we need to wait for more medical information before we decide it’s of concern, or great concern, or no concern.”

Harvey was scheduled to make his final Spring Training start on Tuesday against the Marlins in preparation for Opening Day on Sunday night against the World Champion Kansas City Royals.

Fox Sports said reporters were told by the Mets that Harvey missed the all-squad trip to Jupiter today to attend a “non-orthopedic doctor’s appointment”.  The only thing the Mets would confirm is that the injury had nothing to do with Harvey’s surgically repaired right elbow.

“He had a symptom,” Alderson said, “It was investigated, so we are still in that process.”

Why the secrecy? Why leave everyone guessing?  If it’s a non-baseball medical injury, well, what does that mean, exactly?  inquiring minds – especially Mets fans – want to know:

  • Is he having mental problems?
  • Is he having substance abuse problems – like alcohol?
  • Is he having heart related problems?

After the Mets spring training game this afternoon, reporters asked Terry Collins about Harvey’s status for Opening day. “It’s hard to say right now,” Collins said. “I don’t know just yet. What I do know, we’re very lucky to have the pitching we’ve got. In case he can’t go, we’ll have somebody else ready.”

Well that doesn’t sound promising.

“It’s way too premature for us to be discussing anything related to Opening Day,” Alderson cautioned. “I understand Opening Day is not too far away, but we’re dealing with tomorrow, and we should know something more tomorrow — or the next day. But right now he’s not pitching tomorrow. That’s kind of where the story ends.”

Alderson then cautioned against minds running wild.  “If he had to have a wisdom tooth pulled, he wouldn’t pitch tomorrow,” Alderson said. “So let’s not jump to conclusions here.

Yeah, but it’s NOT a wisdom tooth, or they would say it was a wisdom tooth.

Alderson also said that it is possible Harvey will return to NY for further tests.

And THAT sounds even worse…


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