“It’s A Real-Life Situation” – Jacob DeGrom Place on Emergency Family Leave for Newborn Son

By Paul DiSclafani

degrom 091515Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom has been placed on family medical emergency leave because of a medical issue with his newborn son.  Manager Terry Collins confirmed that Jaxon deGrom, born on Monday night developed “complications”, but was unable to elaborate on the child’s condition.

Although deGrom had been battling physical issues all spring and more recently missed his last start with tightness in his lat, both deGrom and the team felt he was on track to make his next start on Tuesday. But baseball is just a game.  It may be his livelihood, but this is his life.

“I’ve spoken to him every day,” Collins said. “He’s where you would expect him to be. He’s not sleeping much. We’re certainly rooting for him and Stacey and the baby to hang in there. … It’s a real-life situation. Certainly we take the game of baseball very seriously. This changes a lot of things. He’s such a good guy. Stacey is outstanding. You sit here the last few days — and those guys in [the clubhouse] can all tell you — they do the best they can to stay in touch with him. We’re all praying and pulling for him. Unfortunately it’s part of life and we’ve got to take care of business.”

Jacob and his wife Stacey welcomed Jaxon Anthony on Monday evening, but the family would prefer that the medical issue be kept private. The baby is still in the hospital.

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