Now It’s Official – Wright Back to the DL With Herniated Disk

By Paul DiSclafani:

Steven Dunn / Getty Images

Steven Dunn / Getty Images

ESPN is reporting that the Mets are ready to announce that Captain David Wright is headed to the DL with a herniated disk in his neck.

Terry Collins reported yesterday that Wright would be reevaluated today (Thursday) after receiving an injection of anti-inflammatory medication to help relieve the neck pain, but apparently there has been no relief for Wright. Nobody is quite sure if Wright will require surgery, but Wright might miss significant time either way.

Former Mets reliever Bobby Parnell has a similar injury that eventually required surgery, but Parnell was never the same when he finally returned.  On Tuesday, Collins was fairly concerned. “It’s hard to watch what he’s going through.  Certainly, I think it’s serious.”

Now what do the Mets do? Wilmer Flores will have to take over at third unless Sandy Alderson can find a trading partner.  Infielder Matt Reynolds will be recalled from AAA Las Vegas to take Wright’s spot on the roster.  Another option might be to move 2B Neil Walker to 3B and promote Dilson Herrera to play 2B, but Walker has only played 15 games at 3B.

The 33 year-old Wright missed four months last year due to spinal stenosis, an injury he needs to deal with every day.

Here’s what Collins said on Tuesday:

“This guy has been a special player in baseball. Certainly being the captain and the face of this organization, a manager’s worst nightmare is to see a star start to fade. I think David’s got a lot of baseball left in him because of the way he prepares and the way he gets himself ready. But it’s hard to watch what he’s going through … as good as he was. I’ll tell you: There’s a lot of guys in this room that would not do what he does every day just to get ready to go play a baseball game. He’s still special. He’s still a great player.”

The Mets still owe Wright $67 million over the next four years, but have an insurance protection for 75% of that salary.


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