Kyle Schwarber Can Certainly Hit

Kyle Schwarber

The regular season soon starts and the last night the Cubs flexed its hitting muscles and beat the Reds 22-4 in an exhibition game. Notably, Kyle Schwarber did not drive in a run. Albert Almora, Jr was the hitting star with five rbi’s and two home runs.

But Schwarber has been the talk of much pre-season speculation.  Last season, he had an ACL operation on his leg that side-lined him for the entire season. He was put on the post-season roster, almost under the radar,  and promptly hit the tail off the ball. He batted .412 in the World Series.  His leadoff single in the top of the 10th inning got things started for Chicago, in its famed rally to beat the Indians in 10 innings in Game 7.

In 2015, his first year with the team, Schwarber hit 16 home runs in only 232 plate appearences. Now, the Cubs front office wants to get Schwarber more at-bats to see what he can really do. He might play some right-field, and be the third catcher on the team. He recently played catcher in a spring training game and had no discomfort in his legs after the game.

Schwarber, who bats from the left side, has an uncanny ability to hit the baseball. His bat just meets the ball, he has great anticipation, and and good knowledge of the strike zone. If he can produce, then there is a third power bat in the lineup besides Bryant’s and Rizzo’s.  The Cubs have so much talent. Schwarber is one of the new kids on the block. At just 24, he has already made a name for himself at Wrigley Field. Now, healthy and with more at-bats, it will be exciting for Cubs fans to see how he can produce.


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