West Coast Woes: Cubs Lose 4th in Row

rizzo pic

The Chicago Cubs were swept by the LA Dodgers over the weekend.  The Cubs were shut-out in two games. They faced Dodger ace Clayton Kershaw and hit him well, getting 11 hits, Kershaw’s career high vs. an opponent, but they couldn’t win the game. The Cubs hit three home runs, but the Dodgers hit four and won 9-4.

They had a game over .500 record and hoped that playing the Padres in San Diego would turn around their fortunes. That hasn’t happened.  Rookie Hunter Renfroe hit a Grand-slam home run off of Kyle Hendricks in the fourth inning to spark the Padres to a 5-2 win.

The Cubs have lost four games in a row with some tepid hitting. In the Padres game, the team managed only three hits.  But it had ten walks and two batters hit by pitch for an extra 12 runners on base but they couldn’t move them around.  The Cubs hit pretty well in their last home stand at Wrigley Field, but are having trouble bringing runners home.

This is a team that routinely drove in runs last season with breathless rallies. So far, that hasn’t happened this season and Cub fans have some reason to be concerned.  The Cubs are last in the league driving in players in scoring position. When is that going to change?

Are guys pressing?  The other day Kris Bryant said after a Dodgers game, that sometimes you hit homers to score runs and can’t get base hits. The Cubs need to get hits in bunches. Manager Joe Maddon thinks the players will breakthrough.  He just doesn’t know when.

Cub fans are feeling anxious. The season is a quarter over and this team has not really found it’s engine yet. The weather has been hot and cold. Maybe, fans hope, when it heats up, the Cubs’ bats will too.

In the meantime, the Cubs just need to get a W.


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