“A View From The Bench” was created to allow writers a vehicle to publish their thoughts and opinions about baseball.  Before the internet, writers who were not paid journalists like us had to put things on paper and send it to their friends.  Email made things simpler, but Facebook and other Social Media sites made it more global.

But those sites are limited in content (and in some cases, characters).  What we are trying to develop here is a platform for baseball fans with a talent for the written word to express themselves with true freedom of expression.  But more importantly, a platform so they can share their thoughts and opinions with other like-minded baseball fans.

“A View From The Bench” is affiliated with the Major League Baseball blog site (mlblogs.com) and well written articles of interest are selected by MLB for publication on their National Site.  Many of our writers have been bestowed that honor since we launched in October of 2015.  Although our site had been in business only three months in 2015, we were ranked in the top 100 sites Nationally (#45) by mlblogs.com for 2015.

Please understand, this is not a “blogging” site, this is a writers site.  Many blogging sites are more interested in quick hits, vulgarity and short attention spans.  There is a place in the world for that, but not here.  Not on this site.  This site is for baseball fans to enjoy and contribute to.

There is no monetary compensation (nobody is making money for now), but it will provide you with a platform for your work.  It provides a platform for any baseball fan to read your opinions.  Every baseball fan has their opinions and so does every baseball writer.

We’re baseball writers because at some point in our life, we always wanted to be baseball players.  Very few have the talent and ability to perform in “The Show”, but that’s why we became fans, because we love the game.

And if you can’t be on the field, you can always have “A View From The Bench”.

Paul DiSclafani, Administrator

Please send me an email at pdisco23@aol.com if you are interested in contributing to our site!


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